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Promethean Cell

•"Red Spring-Echo" April Grant: An undergraduate at Asylum University studying Beacon technology under her father. As a person, she is introverted and suffers from occasional bouts of depression. As a Season, she is an expert in close quarters, and prefers to use weapons such as her crossbow and Mag Hammer.

•"Blue Autumn-November": Another Season from Promethean Cell, he is Spring's partner, and she considers him one of her only real friends, even though they really don't know each other. He prefers to fight with an assortment of traditional bullet-fed firearms, as opposed to Asylum's standard Beacon-powered arsenal.

•"Green Summer-Whiskey": A senior member of the Seasonwatch, Green Summer is a highly-feared operative. He fights with the Ironside, a Beacon-tech sidearm modeled after an Old World revolver, a weapon so feared by many in Asylum's underworld, that there are a few documented cases of surrender at the mere mention of it.

•"Black Winter": Another senior member of the Seasonwatch. Highly perceptive, and a master strategist, Winter is among one of the most unusual operatives in the ranks. She seems to have a history with nearly every major player in the city, a fact she uses to her advantage whenever possible when working a case. This makes her one of Seasonwatch's most valuable assets.

Theta Cell (Introduced in Book 2: Seasons of the Dusk. Character info is limited as such.)
•"Orange Autumn-Omega" (Real Name: Reilly Franks): A fresh recruit into Seasonwatch, straight from working the beat in Asylum PD. Noted as being an excellent detective.
•"Blue Spring-Alpha" (Real Name: Richard Flint): Breaking Seasonwatch's general rule of anonymity is this Husband-Wife team. "Blue" is an exceptional pathfinder and is described as an artist in close-quarters combat. 
•"Violet Winter-Beta" (Real Name: Willow Flint): Breaking Seasonwatch's general rule of anonymity is this Husband-Wife team. "Vi"'s main strength is her affinity for technology.
•"Black Summer" (Real Name: Jackson "Jax" Bennett): The old and grizzled leader of Theta Cell, "Jax" could be (and has been) compared to a walking tank, carrying around a massive machine gun on his back that only he can use.

Seasonwatch and Asylum PD Personnel

•Director George Carradine: The head and public face of Seasonwatch. Director Carradine is bold and imposing figure. Originally from the Dallas Republic, he came to Asylum and worked his way through the Asylum PD, until he became Sheriff. Many years later, he was presented with the offer of becoming Seasonwatch's new Director. Under Carradine's reign, Seasonwatch has entered a new age of prestige and success in their efforts to keep Asylum defended.

•The Alpha Season"Mother Nature": The REAL head of Seasonwatch. All Cells report to Mother Nature. She commands respect through experience, having been a field operative herself for many years. Green Summer and Black Winter both apparently have extensive history with her during this period.

Major Figures of Asylum 

•Dr. William "Bill" Grant: April's father and renowned expert on the Beacon technology. A good man, but sometimes gets too involved in his work. This is partly why April chose to follow in his footsteps in the study of Beacon tech, in order to have a sense of bonding with her unintentionally distant parent. Dr. Grant's wife died in childbirth, leaving him the sole guardian of his daughter. He also has no idea that she moonlights as Red Spring.

•Dr. Valentin Rianofski (Ryan): The son of W.A.T.C.H. inventor Konstatin Ryan, he was once a former detective and analyst for the Asylum PD. He now spends his time as a lab partner for Dr. Grant. He is one of the few people who know of April's double life as Red Spring. She occasionally comes to Dr. Ryan for his advice on a case.

•Councilman Theodore Bishop: Dr. Bishop is one of the last remaining descendants of the original Beacon inventors. He sits on Asylum's Council representing the Beacon Research & Development Division. His council duties prevent him from working in the labs as often as he wishes, but he maintains that Dr. Grant is more than capable of carrying out the majority of the day-to-day operations. 

•"Dag" Felton: Dag is one of the richest men in Asylum, and owner of the Felton Heights district. His status as a wealthy man and a Council member draws a large amount of criticism from a portion of Asylum's population, taking aim at these attributes, and countless other accusations. Many who know him personally, however, tell a different story of this man. Relentlessly kindhearted, and always conscious of the needs of the many, Dag has become a symbol to many for hope and goodness in humanity. Professionally-speaking, Dag represents the residential districts and Felton Heights in Council meetings.

•Isabella "Isa" Tonin: The heiress-apparent of several of the largest fashion and entertainment companies in Asylum, Isabella Tonin is a member of the Council, representing the business and entertainment districts. She is also known for being a rampant socialite, often throwing extravagant parties for Asylum's elite. Though she is well off as heiress to her father's corporations, she has no say in business matters regarding them, a fact which she has fought against several times in the past without avail.

•Spencer Trace: The public face of the lucrative and enigmatic ARK Industries. Mr. Trace presents all of ARKi's innovations through a wide range of advertisements and press events.

•Dr. Louis Carey: The long-dead founder of Asylum. A statue of him looms prominently in the Inner Asylum District.

Gangs of Asylum, and other Unsavory individuals

•The Inmates: Flying the color orange, the Inmates are the dominant criminal organization in Asylum. As organized as this group seems to be, there's no evidence of a leader presiding over their activities; a fact which has troubled the Asylum PD and Seasonwatch since the gang's emergence decades beforehand.

•The Weathermen: A recent threat. Almost nothing is known about this obscure group, but the details that are known have painted a frightening picture of their power and brutality. The only time Seasonwatch has been able to clash with these criminals, they reported them being equipped with powerful beacon-tech equipment which could generate devastating electrical attacks. A recent string of grisly deaths have been attributed to them, and the Seasonwatch has them labelled as Asylum's #1 threat.

•The Vincente Crime Family: Asylum's most prominent ring of organized crime. Supposedly headed by Lady Tonida, the Vincentes have their grip on an arsenal of shady dealings: arms-dealing, protection rackets, and many more. Curiously, the Vincentes adamantly oppose the flow of drugs in Asylum, surprisingly offering Asylum PD and Seasonwatch a powerful ally in their efforts. 

•The Underground: A term given to a variety of smaller factions that maintain activity in Asylum's subterranean districts.

•"Prometheus": Nothing is know of this figure, but their identity is a hot topic for much of the Underground. Some claim it's just something to do with Promethean Cell, other claims vary from the mundane to the fantastic or just plain bizarre. Graffiti and posters plastered across Asylum speak of a vengeful god returning from exile to punish those who have squandered his gift.


•Asylum: Formed in the ruins of Houston, Texas, Asylum is the most technologically-advanced and formidable force in the world.

•The Dallas Republic: Lying to the north of Asylum is the Dallas Republic. Once a city in the state of Texas, Dallas has grown even larger with the passage of time, forming into a small nation. It consists of descendants of the residents, refugees, and dissidents of Asylum. Dallas' relationship with Asylum is tenuous, but amicable, with many residents fearing that Asylum will one day feel the need to expand and absorb the Republic.

•The Mojave Dominion: A vast nation once composed of the Western United States, the Dominion was the largest and most powerful civilization to rise in the wake of the Old World Dusk. Even with its formidable military, the Desert Rangers, its government faced a difficult challenge maintaining control over their hold. One event was the destructive eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera, annihilating much of the Dominion's northern reaches. This area is now known as the Yellow Hell. A lack of attention given to the rest of its land following this allowed many powerful outlaw groups to form. One particular posse of bandits, Los Vνboras, managed to single-handedly bring the Dominion to it's knees, killing a majority of its leadership. Nowadays, the dwindling remnants of the Desert Rangers, now known as the Dead-eye Desperadoes, roam the wastes of this once great nation, fighting an endless battle against Los Vνboras.


•Beacons: Essentially, these are small devices that (when connected to the proper machinery) can create, and harness the energy of a micro-sun. The Dusk Wars were fought over these devices, until only a handful remained. The last twelve that exist power and protect Asylum. The technology behind these machines has also led to the creation of energy-fed weapons, often used by Seasonwatch and the Asylum PD. Black market trade of this tech is highly illegal, and Seasonwatch enforces it with an iron fist. The only group who continues to elude their efforts are the elusive Weathermen...

•ARKiTech WTC-H. (Watch): A device created by ARKi engineer Dr. Konstatin Rianofski, a Watch is issued to each citizen of Asylum. The Watch's uses are self-explanatory, as an all-purpose appliance, similar to the cellular devices used in the Old World, with a number of significant improvements. Each watch is connected to Asylum's medical facilities, and alerts the staff to any significant health concerns in the citizenry. There is also a link to Seasonwatch's databases (although it's restricted from Asylum PD, thanks to several controversies surrounding the idea, and Seasonwatch's access to this information is still a heated debate in the Council hearings.) This allows the Seasons near infallible coverage of Asylum 24/7, which is touted as a big contributor to Asylum's security.


Andrew Howton
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United States
A normal college student that enjoys making comics out of screenshots from video games. I'm also in the process of planning a novel.

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